For families that will experience the hybrid learning which is a mix of traditional classroom education  and online learning. Chiki Town offer our facility with supervision for kids to attend the virtual meetings and complete their work with supervision.

For families  that are taking a microschool approach by coming together and  creating “pandemic pods” for this school year. If you already hired a teacher/tutor, Chiki Town offers our clean and safe venue to host your micro-school classes couple of days a week!

Innovative solution for preschool moms who have decided to stay with their little ones at home during this new school year. The program is led by the exceptional Ms. Becky who is a certified Montessori teacher and will offer a curriculum consistent with this philosophy. We understand that every family has different ways of coping with this pandemic.  This is why, this program is available on-site (Chiki Town) and in-home.

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